To Purchase or To Lease? That is the Question Which We Are Here to Help you With at Don Franklin Nicholas Hyundai!

No matter what stage you have come to in the Hyundai Research process, here at Don Franklin Nicholasville Hyundai, it is always important to think about the next step: financing and leasing. It should likely go without saying that very few can actually pay for a vehicle outright with cash, so Hyundai loan or lease agreements are both excellent payment options to help you find the new Hyundai or used car you want and pay it off as you go along, at a rate which fits your needs and your budget. Let us show you a bit of what both can offer you, so you can and decide if financing or leasing is the right payment avenue for that new Hyundai model or used car you have your eye on. Our Hyundai dealership and finance center are located at 3035 Lexington Road in Nicholasville, KY.

Lots of Benefits Come from Both!

Let us begin with Hyundai leasing, which is a process of only partial ownership wherein the driver signs an agreement to lease the vehicle for a short-term duration of time at a certain amount of mileage. Leasing is typically completed with new Hyundai models and requires no trade-in as your down payment and monthly payments are often lower than what you might pay for financing a new car. A Hyundai lease agreement is more ideal for those who need a car for a shorter commute and do not frequently travel as much. Once the lease agreement is competed, all you have to do is return the new Hyundai in the same condition it was leased (minus understandable wear-and-tear) and decide whether or not you would like to purchase the vehicle outright or select another new Hyundai model to lease.

If you have one particular new or used car that you have your heart set on, or you simply need the vehicle for a longer commute, then Hyundai financing here in Nicholasville, KY might be the more preferred option. With an auto loan, a bank or lending institution loans you the vehicle at a specific monthly rate which you must meet on-time in addition to the payment due at signing. Once the total cost of the vehicle is totally paid off, the new or used car is yours to sell, trade, or donate as you see fit. In an auto loan, there are no mileage restrictions and modifications of the vehicle are allowed so long as payments are met on time. A Hyundai auto loan does not also require exemplary credit as a new lease agreement typically might.

Get Started Today!

If you have any questions, be sure to bring them up with our finance center experts, who can help narrow down which option might be right for you. You can get the ball rolling today by filling out our finance application and securing pre-approval for a Hyundai loan or lease agreement. Once you receive pre-approval, come test drive the new Hyundai model or used car you would like to know more about. We look forward to meeting you at Don Franklin Nicholasville Hyundai in Nicholasville, NY!

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